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Tony Chandler- Living Library

Goals and Guidelines

Our goal upon meeting Mr. Chandler is to establish a sense of familiarity.  The first thing we will do is introduce ourselves, giving a background of who we are. We want him to feel comfortable but at the same time understand what we are doing with our project. This calls for complete openness between our group and Mr. Chandler.  To increase his comfort level, we will engage him in conversation, and if he enjoyed the lecture. 

Next, we will begin with an abbreviated interview without prying answers from him. This should be a relaxed and informative conversation.  If there should be any lull in the conversation, we will switch to a different topic.   

We want to be on his level – making it  an even playing field.    As a group we each come from different backgrounds, but at the same time, we don’t know as much as Mr. Chandler.  We want to pose our questions in a way that makes us seem inquisitive, not naive.  We want to put experience to the facts that we know.  Our group believes this is well-rounded reporting.

 Questions and Conversation

Below are the questions that our group will use on Mr. Chandler on March 21:

  1. Where did you grow up?
  2. Do you have any fond memories of your birthplace?
  3. What brought you to Philadelphia?
  4. Who did you move with?
    1. Did your family move later?
    2. What mode of transportation did you use to get to Philadelphia?
    3. What was your first job here?
    4. Did you go to school?
    5. When you were younger where was your favorite place to hang out?
    6. If someone talks about the “Great Migration” what comes to mind?

10.  Do you see it as an important event in American history?

11.  Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

We’re not sure how much time we will have.  So, we have additional questions that if have the time, we will use.  We can always save our extra questions for the March 28 meeting:

  1. What was family-life like in Philadelphia?
  2. Did you get along with your neighbors?
  3. When you first got to Philadelphia (or later) did you join a church or any other Philly-based organization?
  4. Could you compare and contrast your hometown and Philadelphia?

 Tony Chandler-Movie Star

From a video perspective, we think one of the easiest ways to calm the nerves of Mr. Chandler is to not have the camera directly in front of him. Putting the camera in front of him might make him focus solely on being taped and limit the amount of depth that we are trying to get in this interview. What we want to do is to tape Mr. Chandler on a 45 degree angle. This would create some depth in the shot as well as allow us to have Mr. Chandler not look at the camera when he is talking, hopefully allowing us to get the information we need.

 Roles, Rules and Regulations

Roles throughout the interview process:

-Video: Anthony

-Interviewing: Erin

-Note taker: Sara


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